What Murderino are you?


Hi Murderinos! 👋 This is a fun project (yes, I said fun! I'm a nerd and I love it!) We all know what SSDGM means, but what other MFM-inspired taglines can there be? I had a computer listen to hours of the MFM podcast and trained it to generate new SSDGM taglines! Pick whether you want Karen or Georgia then click the button! Some will be funny others completely random and bizarre that's what happens when you have a computer write something for you! If one makes you 😂 you can share it on Twitter by clicking the Tweet button!
A couple quick notes. This is not at all associated with the My Favorite Murder podcast. This was a fun project I decided to do to learn a few new skills (again I'm a nerd).
Second, computers are dumb. Like really dumb. They might say something mean or insensitive. Don't take it to heart, you're awesome, the computer just doesn't know any better.
If you like this and want to see other projects I've worked on you can checkout my website where I document all the other fun things I'm working on: matthewvielkind.dev